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New World Compliance Executive Group
provides you with over 40 years of experience in compliance management in
staffing & safety, fleet & transportation, and construction & building management.

Our expertise allows us to support and guide you through the regulatory and compliance management requirements: 

  • Analysis, research and requirements assessments
  • Operations planning and execution
  • Project and corporate regulatory management oversight
  • Regulatory filing and document administration
  • Supervision and solution implementation


Our services help you

manage full cycle compliance

management requirements.


A continuous CMS cycle allows you to create, maintain and update your compliance management system so that it is
effective in identifying, measuring, monitoring, controlling, and
addressing compliance risks to consumers and to your organization.


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Data management software

Our consulting services are complimented by a comprehensive, fully customizable, web-based database system for documentation, data management and organization of your business with a customized Workhub system set up for your corporate needs by our experienced developers.


Record keeping, credentials documentation, licensing, hierarchy management, employee profiles, human resources.


Assets, certification, insurance, inspections, maintenance.



Training materials and records, certification, competency,
hazard management,
inspections management.


Credentials, Training, Competency, Compliance, Certification and Human Resources, Hazard Management, Inspections, Procedures, Pre-jobs, Corrective Action.


Our team has extensive experience in the following fields of data and compliance management:


Supply Chain: Source, Manufacture,
Warehouse, Transport, Distribute. 

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Transportation Management


Safety & Staff

Documentation, Training & Competency,
Compliance, Certification,
Hazard Management, and HR.

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Safety & Staff Management



Building Management, Maintenance,  
Construction/Manufacture: Planning, Development, Permits, Inspection, Certification, Project Management

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Asset & Construction Management



Our team has over 40 years of experience in compliance management in transportation, safety, staff and building management.

Peter J Krenz

This President & CEO

Mr Krenz has worked with Safety and Compliance responsible companies for 30 and more years. Tasked with maintaining records and ensuring timely renewals. This has been a big part of what Mr Krenz’s experience.  Ensuring that a company meets regulatory compliance obtaining and maintaining credential, certificates, training, certification is an expertise that comes with knowledge, skill and experience. (more)


Stacey Krenz

Ms. Stacey Krenz
Vice President & Controller

Ms Stacey has experience in Regulatory Affairs, maintaining responsible Companies compliance, for legal intra provincial, xtra provincial and international operations. Managing over the road transport fleets as well as company assets and credentials for over 20 years in Canadian and United States operations. Ms Krenz brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to you the client. (more)


Our Team

Our team of consultants provide customized, effective solutions for your business.

We have specialists in the industries of transportation, safety, staffing, development and asset management to provide solutions and support that meet your unique needs as a business.

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We can help you get set up to achieve your
Operating Authority, Safety Certificate and/or Certificate of Recognition with a long-term plan to have you
audit ready at any time.

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