As a corporation with employees, your documentation and compliance needs are unique to your industry, compliance and staffing needs.

Our fully customizable database and virtual assistant services provide a standardized repository and management of all your documentation, compliance and recording needs in any industry.

Real-time, easily accessible and updateable on any device, we can create a records database that will:

  • Improve record keeping consistency
  • Prompt employees for documentation and materials input
  • Signal upcoming deadlines and milestones
  • Keep employees and equipment compliance with safety requirements
  • Track and schedule asset maintenance and records 

Each Contractor’s business needs are evaluated and a customized  SafetySync database will be created to suit your company size and budget.  

For Asset management clients the SafetySync database can be customized to address Assets (Buildings) tenants and Land. Ask us how!



Record keeping, credentials documentation, licensing, hierarchy management, employee profiles, human resources.



Training materials and records, certification, competency,
hazard management,
inspections management.


Credentials, Training, Competency, Compliance, Certification and Human Resources, Hazard Management, Inspections, Procedures, Pre-jobs, Corrective Action.


Assets, certification, insurance, inspections, maintenance.


Building management and documentation for: inspections, maintenance scheduling and records, City compliance, Uses, Zoning and vendor contacts and compliance.

We will create a framework for compliance and management
that will increases your productivity, responsiveness and compliance.

Our information management and compliance consultants
can answer your questions and customize resources to improve your
compliance, safety, documentation and records management.

Contact us today to discuss your needs.