Become a Consultant


Join out team! We are seeking synergistic relationships with data and compliance management professionals.

Our web-based miriCam system allows you to communicate with clients through video, chat and audio with built-in billing for your services.

Combined with our SafetySync customizable database you can provide world-class consulting and customizable records management for your clients. 

Customized Records Management

Help your clients organized once and for all! You can build and provide access to a powerful database for your clients to capture and maintain their critical records, timelines and documentation.

The database is fully customizable and available on all your clients devices saving them time and money.

Documentation & Compliance

Prompts and reminders will help your clients create consistent records and meet critical deadlines for compliance, safety documentation and maintenance milestones.

Provide Customized Services

Help your clients build consistency into their corporation and organizational systems. Customize your client’s database for managing records in any industry and provide easy access to your consulting services through web-based video conferencing with built-in billing. 

Contact us to find out how we can help your consulting business grow and connect.